The Game Under Podcast
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Tom and Phil talk about new and old forms of games criticism as well as first and final impressions on a slew of games and hardware including:

Yoshi's Story
Nintendo Switch
The Cat Lady
Year Walk
Titanfall II
Mafia III
Uncharted: Lost Legacy
Yakuza 0
Transformers Destruction

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Tom and Phil talk about the Retron 77, Uncharted 4, Goonies, Top 100 RPG's, Yazuka Zero, Transformers Destruction, Titanfall 2, Titan Souls, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Rage Racer, Ridge Racer Type 4, NegCon and JogCon. Also we settle what is worse, Automobiles or cinema.

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Tom and Phil exchange some Trademark Banter before giving final impressions of Until Dawn and review the career of David Cage and his games Omikron, Fahrenheit/ Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

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Tom and Phil talk AAA development, but also cover the original Xbox, Yakuza Zero, Hollow Knight, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Doom, Scarface, Mafia III and some discussion of Nintendo's Switch

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In this episode Tom and Phil revisit the current state of the indie development and give a counterview to episode 92 by looking at the positives.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 93

Tom and Phil address the state of triple A development, including Uncharted 4.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 92

Tom Towers and Phil Fogg examine the current state of indie game development.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 91

Tom and I come back to record a show, primarily about the state of console hardware, VR, AR, some movie talk and good old Trademark Banter.  We hope you enjoy Episode 91 of The Game Under Podcast.

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Hi all, a brief reminder that we are alive and wanted you to ponder what a upcoming show might be like.

Episode 59 followed a long hiatus, one that myself and Tom had no control over, much like our current absence.

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