The Game Under Podcast

Phil and Tom talk about Sunset Overdrive (this months Games for Gold offering), Treasure's Gunstar Heroes, their understanding of Sony (and others) attempts to fill the generation gap, as well as a much anticipated review of Killzone: Skyfall from Tom Towers and XBOne Streaming.

Thanks for listening.

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Tom and Phil cover The Walking Dead: Michonne Episodes 1 & 2 (spoiler free), The Order:1886 (with scores) and Rise of the Tomb Raider (scored).  We get into a bunch of other stuff as well, we thank you for listening.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 88.5

Tom and Phil decided to breakout their spoilercast of Life Is Strange #first aired in Episode 75#^

It was a very important game when we came to our Game of the Year Considerations, but it was buried deeply into Episode 75, so we agreed it shoudl get it's own half-show^

If you have not finished Life is Strange, Please do not listen to this show.  But we both encourage you to finish #and obviously listen#.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 88

As we approach the middle of April 2016, we relunctanctly ready to rest ouf 2015 GOTY coverag in this episode with Tom's personal GOTY awards.

We also score Stardew Valley and find 123 wasy to veer off-topic.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 87

Stardew Valley, Playstation VR pricing, XBOX One Hardware review and much more.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 86

Tom Towers goes it alone again in the lastest episode of The Game Under Podcast (Pirate Radio Episode 2).

Could this be the completion of Game Under Podcast's GOTY2015 coverage? Listen to find out.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 85

This week, it's a bit of a different show, but we cover Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Ape Escape, the state of gaming podcasts, the Wii U, Xbox One, the paralympics and so much more.

Thanks for listening.

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The Game Under Podcast Episode 84

This week we'll award our first-ever site GOTY awards, The Gundies.

Game-wise we'll be talking The Witness, American truck Simulator, Undertale, and more (and possibly less).

Thanks for Listening. 

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Tom Towers and Phil Fogg have played Jonathon Blow's new game, The Witness and the games that many say influenced it (Myst and The Talos Principle) and give their analysis to open the show.

Phil Fogg gives out his surprising personal Game Under Game of the Year Awards (The Foggies) and the two also talk about ACE Team's body of work including the new Deadly Tower of Monsters.

More Trademark Banter as well.

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This episode Tom Towers and Phil Fogg talk about Oculus pricing, games they picked up over the break and give some final thoughts on games played in, and released in 2015 in anticipation of our Annual Awards Show (the Gundies).

Phil Fogg give scores and final impressions of Yakuza 5 and The Order: 1886.

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